About Us, Our Mission, Our Objectives, Our Code of Conduct

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We care for our work

Sustainable Safety & Management Solutions (SSMS) is a dynamic and enthusiastic organization with the vision and mission to inculcate in the minds that how to deal and control the challenges of health and safety in the job execution activities at every functional level. SSMS covers the wide range of business and utility sectors. These include construction, engineering, manufacturing, processing, leisure, recreation, retail, renewable energy and site advisory services including government organizations.

It introduces a vast range of services to it valued clients in order to facilitate them in order facilitate them to select the appropriate required services that may include the provision of competent safety advice, design and delivery of HSE training program both on site and off site, risk assessment, fire risk assessments, occupational health and safety advisory services, consultancy of management systems in compliance with the international standards and applicable local legal legislative requirements.

Our aim is to provide enhanced quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) information

together with the pragmatic approach in developing solutions which not only enable employers and organizations to maintain the QHSE requirements but also enables the executors and workers that how to take health and safety measures proactively before exposing to the particular hazard

Our Objectives and Goals

  • To inculcate the importance and requirement of health and safety as part of DNA.
  • To facilitate the HSE instructions, information understandable at every functional level.
  • To promote the ownership of organization’s policies and management systems to increase its effectiveness as a management and working tool.
  • To develop the pragmatic solutions to the client’s problems and requirements.
  • To be flexible in our approach and offering the professional services that best suitable to the client’s requirements.
  • To provide high standard competent safety advice in accordance to the international standards and compliance with Local legal and legislative requirements.
  • To upgrade and groom the actual executors and enable them to appropriately handle the challenging situations with respect of health and safety and business ethics.
  • To develop a new sense of motivation with confidence of having safe and ethical working environment.

Our Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is central to the way we protect and develop our reputation. It is built on our business principles of Responsibility, Respect and Determination and describes how we are to behave, not just in general terms, but when faced with the range of situations where our actions could have a critical impact on the reputation of SSMS. The Code is in accordance with the laws and regulations wherever we run our business. It demonstrates our commitments to acting ethically and with integrity in every situation while at the same time respecting people’s rights as individuals. The success of our customers is a key to SSMS’s success. Customers look to SSMS for improvement in quality, health and safety, reliability and integrity. We focus on quality of services on the basis of previous experience. We win trust of our valued customers by being honest and through the integrity of our words and actions. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. We believe in competitive free enterprise system because it guarantees that our hard work and consistency will be rewarded. We refrain to pay improper payments as our integrity and honesty must not be put on risk by the offer of improper payments. We are responsible to our firm’s assets and use information system professionally along with safe guarding the confidential information and also respect the intellectual property rights of others. We used to avoid the conflict of interest. We keep accurate and complete financial records. We are fair in our relations with our suppliers and service providers. We let our employees and business partners to contribute to public affairs in their own time. We respect each other when we help each other to succeed. We encourage open communication. We value mutual respect of privacy. We ensure the work environment free of harassment. We observe the rule of applicable laws along with the promotion of sustainable development. We take strict notice of any non-compliance to this code of conduct or any applicable law.

Lead Consultant & Trainerwe are always up to something good!

Syed Muhammad Farhan Usman

A seasoned QHSE professional having 15 years extensive hand on experience in the leading organizations of Power and Automation Industry. Competed 42 Power Systems and Industrial Automation Projects and achieved three million working hours with zero fatalities, serious injuries and Lost time injuries (LTIs). Possessing strong communication skills and conducted more than 150 in-house and onsite training sessions and imparted the rich knowledge on quality, health, safety and environment topics and on business ethics, Compliance/Integrity and basic anti-trust law. Moreover, substantial knowledge and experience of developing and effectively implementing the Integrated Management Systems (IMS) that includes; ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and Project Health and Safety Management Systems for Power systems turn key projects