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Electrical Safety

  1. Electrical Safety working above and below 1kV, Seven Steps that Save Lives
  2. Arc Flash Safety for working above 1kV

Project Safety

  1. Project Safety Management Training for Turnkey Projects
  2. Code of Practice for Site Managers of Turnkey Projects
  3. Civil Construction Site Safety Management Training
  4. Project Safety Risk Assessment of Turnkey Projects
  5. Contractors Substation Safety Awareness Training
  6. Health and Safety Induction at Project Sites
  7. Excavation safety Training
  8. Material Handling Training
  9. Ladder Safety Training
  10. Safe Lifting Operations

Field and Service Safety

  1. Service Safety Training for Field Service Engineers
  2. Services Risk Assessment And Take -5 Prestart Checks Training
  3. Manual Handling Techniques
  4. Working at Height Training
  5. Confined Space Safety
  6. Power Tools Safety
  7. Hand Safety Training
  8. Eye Protection Training
  9. Hearing Protection Training
  10. Respiratory Protection Training
  11. Skin Protection Training
  12. Beat The Heat (Training for those exposed to direct sun during summer season)
  13. Lockout Tagout – LOTO inside substation

Safety Leadership Training (For Senior and Top Management)

  1. Safety Leadership Training Course
  2. Are You Safe Training (For Senior Management)
  3. Don’t Look The Other Way (For CEOs and Top Management)
  4. Safety Observation & Hazard Identification Tours (For Senior Management)

Incident Investigation

  1. Incident Investigations and Root Cause Analysis Training
  2. Minor incidents & Near miss Reporting

Office & Driving Safety

  1. Office Safety and Ergonomics and Workplace Rehabilitation
  2. Driving and Road Safety Training
  3. New Employee Safety Orientation Training.
  4. Health and Safety Training for Chanel Partners

Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting

  1. Basic and Advanced Fire Prevention Measures & Fire Fighting Training

First Aid

  1. First Aid Training

Business Ethics & Compliance

  1. Code of Conduct and Anti bribery Training
  2. Basics of Anti Trust and Competition laws
  3. Compliance and Integrity Training